Romantic Destinations

Top Romantic Destinations in the World

We have put together an impressive list of the most romantic destinations in the world for you. You and your partner can leave everything behind and unwind in each other’s company to celebrate love.

  1. Mauritius– Mauritius is often called heaven on earth owing to its beautiful beaches that extend endlessly into the serene ocean. It is a favourite when it comes to romantic destinations. It is tucked away between the Mascarene Islands. To make your romantic vacation all the more special, you can find a massive range of luxury hotels and villas surrounded by sandy beaches and clear waters. Mauritius is an excellent place for couples to unwind together and relax. It gives you beautiful experiences such as watching the sunset on a private cruise and going for a picnic by the giant water lilies.


  1. Phuket and Krabi – When you think of Thailand, you think of parties. However, what if we tell you there is more to Thailand than just partying and clubbing at sacino club. Thailand is an exotic beachside destination which serves as an excellent romantic getaway for couples. If you are searching for a romantic holiday that goes beyond just relaxing at a beach, Phuket and Krabi might be the place for you. You can experience kayaking through Krabi’s mangrove forests, get close to the marine life, go scuba diving or even dance the entire night at Bangla Road.
  2. Bali – Bali is another tropical paradise for couples looking to get away with their partners. Bali provides an excellent range of resorts and hotel that will make you forget all your stress. Bali serves as a perfect blend of culture, beaches and adventure. While in Bali, do trek up Mount Batur to see the spectacular sunrise and have a romantic breakfast on top of an active volcano.


  1. Paris – If years of rom-coms have taught us anything, it is that no love is complete without a trip to Paris. The city of love spells classic romance the Indian style. Your vacation will become all the better owing to the fantastic range of cheese, chocolate and wines that Paris has to offer. When in Paris, don’t forget to enjoy a traditional French dinner with wine at a sidewalk café and click pictures that will make everyone back at home jealous.
  2. The Maldives – If you are looking for a perfect romantic destination to sweep your partner off their feet, the Maldives is the answer. The luxurious huts suspended over the turquoise water guarantees that you will have the most romantic time with your partner. You can explore the marine life and the island in complete peace as it is never a crowded destination. Make sure you have a candlelit dinner on the private islands or even see the sunset in an infinity pool.



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